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  January 13, 2010  
  1. Discover the Three Faces of Rome
  Few cities make it easier to go local than Rome, with its trove of distinct quarters. Author Andrew McCarthy scouts out three neighborhoods, staying in lodgings—from luxe to basic—typical of each. His favorite? Read "The Three Faces of Rome" to find out, and check out our photo gallery for great photos of the Eternal City.
  2. Explore Colorful Santa Fe
  The Santa Fe Farmer's Market started more than 40 years ago as a collective of farmers and now has a permanent all-weather location at the Santa Fe Railyard. Shanetta Martin sells ciabatta bread decorated with potato slices at the popular Cloud Cliff Bakery stand. Check out our photo gallery and 48 Hours guide to this 400-year-old Southwest city.
  3. Download the Photo of the Week
  For this merit award winner in the World in Focus Photo Contest, Canadian student Ryan Hellard photographed seagulls taking flight before a small coastal farm in Iceland. "The weather was windy," he says, "the ocean was rough, and a large storm was rolling in from the fjords behind the farmhouse." What he likes about the composition is that the birds "appeared to be fleeing the approaching storm." Download this photo and others for your desktop here.
  4. Don George Reviews Settled in the Wild
  In one of the first essays in this collection, Susan Hand Shetterly recounts how she used to walk through the woods around her house in rural Maine with her infant daughter cradled in a carrier on her back: "I believed that even if she fell asleep, which she always did, the trees, the tracks of wild animals in the snow, the dead leaves rattling on the branches, the hoot of an owl, a grouse feeding on birch catkins—everything—would pass into her life and make it good…These are gifts that last." Click here to check out our book critic Don George's latest review of Settled in the Wild.
  5. Get Well in 2010
  Just as more travelers are visiting foreign lands for affordable medical procedures, the popularity of "wellness destinations"—spas and other retreats where you can nurture your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being—is also growing. Traveler looked for spas that reflect the local culture, offer authentic treatments, and are set in attractive destinations, and came up with this great guide to spas around the world. Click here for the full list.
1. Cajun Country, Louisiana
2. Grand Circle Loop Road, Arizona, Utah
3. Nashville, Tennessee
4. Grand Tetons, Jackson, Wyoming
5. Tanglewood, Massachusetts
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"'The wind sounded like a freight train,' remembers [climber Ed Hommer]. 'You heard it coming with just enough time to dig your ice ax in and hang on.'"—Jeff Rennicke, from the book Treasures of Alaska.
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There’s Nothing Here
Nothing but Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, 15 storied ski hills, and nearly 30 million acres of snow-filled forests tucked in between. Montana.
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