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September 13 - 19

 Photo: Nazi Super Bombs
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Blowing Up History:
Nazi Super Bombs
- NEW - SUNDAY at 9P et/pt


Hear the story of the London Blitz of WWII as it's never been told before: using real bombs on a specially constructed street to illustrate the moving personal testimony of survivors. The recreation aims to show the true horrors of the ferocious and constant bombardment and to explain why, ultimately, it failed.

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Go Inside the Nazi Stealth Fighter >>

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Inside the Vietnam War
Inside the Vietnam War
TONIGHT at 8P et/pt
Witness the emotional toll of the war through the eyes of the soldiers and the pilots who undertook dozens of death-defying missions.
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 Photo: Taboo
Taboo: Narcotics
TUESDAY at 9P et/pt

While some societies wage war on drugs, in certain settings they are embraced for their medicinal or even spiritual benefits.
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 Photo: Border Wars
Border Wars: Lost in the River
- NEW - WEDNESDAY at 9P et/pt
Agents track a group of crossers racing back to Mexico, the Rio Grande City ATV team pursues a group of suspected drug smugglers, and officers stop a man wanted for murder at the port of entry.
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 Photo: Collapse

Collapse: Based on the Book by Jared Diamond

- NEW - SATURDAY at 8P et/pt
Guided by author Jared Diamond, Nat Geo travels 200 years into the future to see what the world would look like after civilization as we know it has collapsed.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Aftermath
Population Overload
- NEW - THU at 10P et/pt

Imagine the global population doubling overnight, demanding more from an already struggling planet. Nat Geo shows you the devastating impacts of a suddenly overcrowded world.
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Also From National Geographic
 Photo: Sands of Time
Fotoweek DC

FotoWeek DC is around the corner! Enter the awards competition, mingle with photographers, and check out over 150 exhibitions, lectures, and photo happenings this November.

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 Photo: Great Migrations
Great Migrations

Great Migrations tells the formidable, powerful stories of many of the planet's species and their movements. Explore an episode guide, behind-the scenes video, and profiles on the featured animals.

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8P et/pt
Inside the Vietnam War
Explorer: Inside LSD
Locked Up Abroad: Barbados
Man-Made: Circular Skyscraper
Dog Whisperer Viewer's Choice
Collapse: Based on the Book by Jared Diamond
- NEW -
Nazi Secret Weapons
9P et/pt
Taboo: Narcotics
Border Wars: Lost in the River
- NEW -
X Prize: The Race for 100 MPG
- NEW -
American Beaver
Blowing Up History: Nazi Super Bombs
- NEW -
10P et/pt
Explorer: Marijuana Nation
Border Wars: Contraband Highway
Aftermath: Population Overload
- NEW -
Border Wars: Lost in the River
The Truth Behind the Ark
Hitler's Hidden Holocaust

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