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January 2011
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We've redesigned our Green Guide site to make it easier for you to find up-to-date tips on saving energy and water and greening your home and lifestyle. Check out the latest:
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  Nine households from around the world have stepped up to cut their energy footprints. Read about their progress!

  Use our Forces of Nature interactive to explore the energy behind tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and eruptions.

  Learn why fish can't resist sunken ships, tanks, and subway cars.


  See photos of Europe's most active volcano in action.

  Amidst tragedy, scientists find six species once thought extinct.

  Guangzhou, China, wins an international sustainable transport prize for a system that integrates bicycle, bus, and rail transport.

  A Swiss company’s claims to have created storm clouds in the desert are met with skepticism.

  LED street lights can save energy, but not all power systems are set up to reward cities for choosing a more efficient nighttime glow.

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