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October 2010
PHOTO OF THE MONTH by Joel Sartore, from the November 2010 story "Animal Migrations."
Photo: Monarch butterflies
Monarch Butterflies
Download wallpaper of this incredible photo and others.

Explore more animal migrations features, view megapixel animal panorama images, and catch Great Migrations on the National Geographic Channel.

Photo: Silhouette of child on a dock See galleries, vote for your favorite photos, solve puzzles, and enter the National Geographic Photo Contest today!

Photo: Japanese maple tree   Unlike the changing season, a glimpse at these fall leaves won't be fleeting. See Autumn color across the nation.

Photo: Spadefish underwater   These waters vary from frigid to tropical, but the marine life is uniformly extraordinary.

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Photo: Ballet dancers   Photographer Annie Griffiths showcases beautiful images and offers tips for taking great photos.

Photo: Shrine   See a new picture every day and browse all pictures in the archive.

Photo: Geyser   Catch a thrill and solve this and other adventure puzzles.

Photo: Eyes on a billboard   Browse through visions of the world as seen through a photographer's eye.

Photo: Bee on a pink flower   Learn what makes a great macro shot and get tips on turning mini into magnificent.
Photo: Bats
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Photo: Lizard
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Photo: Kayaker
Adventure >
Photo: Forest landscape
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Photo: Silhouette of a giraffe
Traveler >
Photo: Mountain view
U.S. Road Trips >
Photo: Vineyard
Vineyards >
Photo: Dancers
Philippines >
Photo: Hot air balloons
Turkey >
Photo: Celtic cross
Britain & Ireland >

Photo: Photo jigsaw puzzle   Make your own puzzle or solve one of a recently uploaded photo to My Shot. Play the photo match game, photo slide puzzle, and more.

Photo: Trees bent from wind   Travel to the Earth's most extreme environments to see surf-ravaged icebergs, windswept landscapes, salt towers, and much more.

Photo: People on bue stairs   FotoWeek D.C. begins November 6! Enter the awards competition, mingle with photographers, and check out over 150 exhibitions, lectures, and photo happenings.

Photo: Base jumper
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Photo: Wildflowers
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Photo: Aerial view of sand dunes
Africa Aerials >
Photo: Amazon man
Amazon Survey >
Photo: Mountain landscape
New Zealand >

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